About us

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About Sylmasta

Sylmasta Ltd have been formulating and manufacturing adhesives for over 20 years from the company’s base in West Sussex, United Kingdom.

Specialising in the development and manufacture of high quality adhesives and sealants, Sylmasta distribute worldwide into the manufacturing and maintenance markets through a growing international distributor base.

When you choose Sylmasta, you not only get the best quality products in the market today but you also get the advantage of Sylmasta’s expertise and years of application knowledge in manufacturing.

Product innovation has been key in making Sylmasta Ltd a net exporter into today high technology market place

We are always here to speak with you.

The core values of Sylmasta are to:
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2. Minimise and eliminate lead times
3. Provide technical support and consultation for users.

Manufacturing in the UK

To compete in today’s global market, Sylmasta manufacture products at their production facility in the UK.

Sylmasta’a policy of centralised manufacturing ensures continued quality, reduced lead-times plus the ability to respond to customers’ urgent orders.

Research & Development

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Product Innovation is central to Sylmasta’s growth. Our research & development laboratory enables us to continually improve existing products and develop new formulations, in areas such as pipe repair, epoxy adhesives and colour-matched polyurethane systems.

Company’s registered office address:
Halland House, Dales Yard,
Lewes Road,
Scaynes Hill,
West Sussex,
RH17 7PG,
United Kingdom.

Contact Details

Company’s Registered number: 05069323
Contact telephone number: 01444 831 459
Email address: sales@sylmasta.com